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Frequently Asked Questions
General Enquiries - Security Device
Q: What is a Security Code?
Q: What is a Serial Number?
Q: Does each user need to have a Security Device or just one is sufficient for each company?
Q: If I have registered for more than one Business e-Banking profile, how many Security Device do I need?
Q: I have registered for both Personal and Business e-Banking Services at Hang Seng Bank. Can I use the same Security Device?
New PIN-Protected Security Device
Q: Why do I need to set up a PIN for the new Security Device?
Q: How many digits can I choose for the PIN?
Q: How to set up a new PIN?
Q: A Message "FAIL PIN" is shown, why is that?
Q: A message "NEW PIN not SAFE" is shown, why is that?
Q: Can I change my PIN?
Turning on new Security Device
Q: Why do I see a "FAIL 1", "FAIL 2" or "FAIL 3" message on the Security Device?
Q: I have forgotten my PIN. Can I reset the PIN?
Activate the new Security Device
Q: Why do I need to have my mobile number registered in the Bank's record before I can activate a new Security Device?
Q: What if the Security Code is not accepted?
Q: What does the message BATT mean on the LCD screen?
Q: Can I change the battery of the Security Device myself?
Q: Is the Security Device a property of the Bank?
Q: What should I do if the Security Device is lost or damaged?