Hang Seng Bank  
Security Awareness

To further enforce security of our e-Banking Services, please note the followings:
Always remember to log off properly and close the browser after you have finished using e-Banking Services.
Change your password on a regular basis, at least every 30 or 60 days.
Type in the URL https://www.hangseng.com/en-hk/business/banking-digitally/online-services-business-ebanking-services/ to guarantee that you have entered the real e-Banking site of Hang Seng Bank. Save this URL to your favorites and use this link to access the site in the future.
Do not disclose your password to anyone. (Not even to the Bank's employee, no Bank staff will ever ask for your password).
Do not write down or record the password without disguising it.
Do not use your birthday, name, Hong Kong Identity Card number, telephone number or similar numbers as your password.
Do not use password from other Internet sites.
Avoid conducting banking transactions or check account balances form a public terminal, as it is difficult to ensure such PCs are free of hacker programmes (someone might be able to access your personal or account information).
While you have an Internet banking session open, we recommend that you do not open other Internet browser sessions and access other sites.
Never leave e-Banking devices unattended while using Hang Seng e-Banking Services.
Never write down your Internet banking details in a format that can be recognised by others. If you store any personal information in an electronic device, please ensure that there will be reasonable care and protection so that you are the only authorised person who can access the stored information.
You can reduce your daily transfer limits and delete your accounts in the transfer list online.
If you forget your user name and password, please contact our Customer Service Representative on (852) 2198 8000.
If you suspect any security breach or unusual account activities, please contact our Customer Service Representatives on (852) 2198 8000 (24 hours) as soon as reasonably practicable and change your password as soon as possible.
Warning: you may be held liable for all losses if you have acted fraudulently or with gross negligence, or failed to follow the safeguards set out above.
We maintain strict security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to information about you. Outside of the normal Internet Banking log-in process, Hang Seng Bank will never contact you and ask that you validate personal information such as customer ID, password, or account numbers. If you receive such a request, please notify us immediately at (852) 2198 8000.